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Today, a glorious and indelible mark was made in the history of Amichi. The joy of the citizens of Amichi and Igboukwu Communities knew no bounds as bulldozers and earth moving machines started roaring in the quiet Obiagu neighbourhood in Amichi. People were wondering what was happening and several onlookers trooped out to have a glimpse of what could be the matter and who must have invaded the community with earthmoving machines. Without any iota of notice, they found out from the site workers that the Governor of Anambra State sent them to construct a road (OBIAGU BYE PASS WITH A SPUR TO IGBOUKWU ROAD). The community was thrown into joy and full of praises for the governor who is the first Anambra state governor to remember them since the inception.

The road in question played a pivotal role in the history of Nigeria. The road was a link road where the Biafran soldiers used to access Igboukwu, Ekwulobia, Awka, Ihiala and it is near Chief Atuchukwu's house where General Effiong surrendered to Nigerian troops represented by General Olusegun Obasanjo. When Onistha fell to the Federal troops, the Seat of Onitsha Catholic Archdiocese was shifted to Amichi. His Eminence Cardinal Francis Arinze who was then Archbishop of Onistha used the road to access  St Jospeh Adazi, where the injured Biafran troops were treated. All Hallows Seminary, Onitsha was also relocated to Amichi and they used that road to access Igboukwu, St Joseph Awka Etiti and environs for missionary duties.
More so, this Obiagu Bye-Pass is a gateway to Nkwo Igboukwu where farm produce are sold. This is one road project that has multiple positive effects on the lives of the citizens of the Community.
Speaking on behalf of the Community, the traditional ruler of Amichi His Royal Highness Igwe Barr Ofobuike Ezeoke PhD. thanked the governor for embarking on the project. He said that the governor's intervention was timely as the community had a history of long neglect by successive governments in Anambra state. He however appreciated the governor for appointing two of Obiagu sons Chief Hon Chika Ibeneme & Chief Onwuania Chikwendu and other Amichi citizens as his aides. His Royal Highness Dr Ofobuike also thanked and assured the governor of the support of Ndi Amichi to his government.

..Odaa writes from Obiagu Amichi.

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