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We Are First Nigerians Before We Are Christians – Pastor Adeboye Drops Political Bombs

Adeboye while preaching this morning during the RCCG Sunday Service said “If witches are showing interest in politics, therefore Christians should too.”

“We are first Nigerians before we are Christians, pray for this country now more than you have before“.

Read his words below :

“You are first a Nigerian before a Christian, you became a Christian after you were born, you must therefore perform your civic duties, Vote, Defend your vote and play your part You can’t go to Kaduna by Road, by Air, and by Train, the Question is who is Trying to Isolate Kaduna? and Why??

“Those of you who are my Children know that I have never told you who to vote for, we have hundreds of Parties represented in this church, and lots of candidates”

He also said he is a Pastor and not a Politician.

“I’m a Pastor, not a politician.

I don’t know YET if there will be an election next year.

Make sure you register, vote, and stay back to monitor the counting of votes.

After casting your vote, make sure you sit down and watch them count the vote. Rigging must stop.”

Finally, he said he will pray for any politicians who come to him for prayers.

“Whoever comes to me from any Political Party for prayers, I will pray for them.

My prayers for them will only be that the will of God be done.

If witches are showing interest in Politics, therefore Christians should too.”

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