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Anambra dissolves caretaker c'tees of 30 markets

.Calls for constitution of new ones to replace two others with flawed elections

Anambra State Government, through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has rolled out polices to reform and modernise markets and make shopping pleasurable, so that Anambra State will regain its place as the number one place in trade and commerce.

According to a statement signed by the Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Dr. Obinna Ngonadi:”Government intends to strengthen the markets leadership to involve progressive leadership, so that the unions can become effective partners in the modernisation of the markets. 

Among the policies is the immediate dissolution of caretaker committees in some markets across Anambra State. 

The list of the affected markets  are:  Onitsha Main Market, G.B.O Market,Bridge Head Market (Ogbo Ogwu), Ochanja Central Market, Nwugo Market (Beer Market), Progress Market, Millenuim Market,Ochanja Area Market,Sokoto Road Main Market Onitsha, Naspa Nnewi, Electrical/Electronics Dealers Market Nnewi, Plant Parts Market Nnewi, Agba Edo United (F-Line Market, Nnewi), Ofuobi Traders Association Nnewi, Ogboefere Market, Ogbaru Plastic Market, Shoe Manufacturing Market Ogbaru, Iron Dealers Market Onitsha,Abada International Market,Okoro Ichida, General Motors Spare Parts Okpoko Ogbaru, Bicycle Spare Parts Ogbunike, Nkpor Main Market,Grain Seed Market Obosi, Synthetic Fabrics Ogidi, Building Materials Market Ogbunike,Stockfish International Obosi, New Motor Spare Parts Dealers Association Obosi, Odera Market and Oye Uga Market

The release further identified the reconstitution of new caretaker committees, comprising of credible individuals on or before the 12th of May 2022 and constitution of caretaker committees to replace all the executives whose elections were deemed to be flawed by on or before the 12th of May 2022 as part of the new policies. 

The lists of markets affected expected to constitute caretaker committees to replace all the executives whose elections were deemed to be flawed by on or before the 12th of May 2022 are Ose Okwodu and Ogbaru Main Market (Relief Market).

The release further stated that the government will put in place a framework to hold transparent free and fair elections across affected markets by Option A4 (All registered members will be expected to stand behind their preferred candidate in an open election). All elections will be held between March and April 2023, create a credible voters register across all markets by accrediting only properly registered members of each market, as those eligible to vote in elections in the market, adding that eligibility for voting in any market election will henceforth be based on participation in the enumeration process.

The commissioner further stated that “There is no increase whatsoever in the levies collected in the market by unions or government”

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