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Nobody Can Convince Me That Covid-19 Wasn’t Targeted Against The Church – Bishop David Oyedepo

 Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide spoke on Commanding The Supernatural Part 2 at Midweek Communion Service, Canaanland.

The prophecy said his name shall be called Wonderful. His name is pregnant with wonders. You engage that name, you have triggered wonders. Acts 3:6, 16. So there is so much in the name of Jesus. Therefore in the name of Jesus Christ, no one who came here with any disease is permitted to return with it. Anyone appointed to death by any medical verdict, that verdict is reversed in Jesus’ name.

According to Church Gist, he said that the disciples were too conscious of the potency of wonders that the name carries. The name of Jesus is self-anointed. It carries an inbuilt anointing to deliver our desires. When you say in the name of Jesus Christ, you are spraying that unction on that situation, just like you spray your insecticides. When you spray it, viruses, sicknesses, and diseases just collapse like mosquitoes.

Speaking further, he said that he once said that all this noise about COVID-19 was just the noise of the devil, now they have cancelled all the laws that you must wear a mask. “We were not part of that global fold because we didn’t have it before. It is not right that one virus sent the whole world into their houses, what if four came at the same time?” he said. There is so much power in the name of Jesus that it stays clear of your family, your home, and your business.

He then revealed that nobody can convince him that some fellow didn’t want to make money out of the virus. “Nobody can convince me that it wasn’t targeted against the Church. The Church was growing stronger. Unusual expansion,” he said. If one billion viruses enter the earth, the Church of Christ will still be untouched. Before each plague, God separated Israel. You must have an exemption mentality, you are not part of the wrath. He said that there is mighty power in the name of Jesus. The moment Christ is up to it in your thinking and your spirit man, the deal is sealed.

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