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If I Turn You Down As A Guy, Just Thank God – Nollywood Actress Destiny Amaka

 Nollywood actress Destiny Amaka has used the comment section to a question posed by record producer and singer Don Jazzy about the disadvantages of being dated to explain that dating her isn’t always an easy task due to how she’s built herself to always be blunt with anyone that eventually tries to date her, but she could still be very lovely if she eventually falls for that particular person, irrespective of those that may be coming. Many ladies have built themselves to such an extent that before you think of coming to date them, you have to be very much prepared for the task ahead and not just come, have fun and disappear, as it seems to be the order of the day in recent cases.

Destiny stated that her intentions are mostly better than her actions, as she’s built herself to be mentally strong, such that when one tries to argue with her when the person is wrong, it is what she considers a waste of time, for she’ll silently lose respect for the person. While she asked if one is confident enough to date her due to the fact that many men are on her case, but she just has eyes for one person, she explained further that anger is of no good as she could be moody when it comes to sex, but it’s likely going to change if she decides to eventually.

In her words, after explaining what could be the reason why she’s still single, “if I turn you down as a guy, just thank your God because I’m saving you from things you won’t be able to recover from, for I’m too honest and have no time for a fake zone.” Finally, she added that it doesn’t mean that she’s a bad person because she has a lot of genuine love to give but can be emotionally unavailable until she understands the emotion.

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