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2023: Other Aspirants Are Probably Shivering Because Of Your Credentials – Oba Of Benin To Osinbajo

 Ewuare II, the Oba of Benin, says presidential hopefuls contesting alongside Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo in the 2023 general election will “probably be shivering” because of his credentials.

The monarch spoke on Thursday when Osinbajo visited him in his palace in Benin, the Edo capital.

On April 11, the vice-president declared his interest to contest the presidency.

Speaking on the development, the monarch said he believes Osinbajo is “eminently qualified” for the position.

We don’t need to over-flog your credentials because they speak for themselves everywhere. I always admire your eloquence when you make your speeches and your responses. They reflect your great professorialism,” the Oba of Benin said.

“Not just because you are a professor, I think it is in your DNA — the way you weave words together and put it across, the points you make and so on and so forth, I’ve always been your admirer as well.

No doubt, with your credentials since you have come out to run for this great office, I think you are going to give a lot of problems to all the others. There is no gainsaying that they are all probably shivering where they are — and with your calmness, humility, and as my secretary remarked, your great respect for culture and being a true man of God that has the fear of God in his heart.

“If we have politicians that have the fear of God — not just to go there to rip the treasury and oppress people — whether at presidential or gubernatorial level, I’m sure the country will be better for it.

I wish you well. Like I said, you are eminently qualified for what you are running for.”

On his part, Osinbajo appreciated the monarch for his support and added that his role working alongside President Muhammadu Buhari as the vice-president provided the necessary experience for him to qualify for the presidency.

“I’ve served as the vice-president for the past seven years and a few months and within that period, obviously, I have been exposed to every aspect of government,” he said.

I also at various times acted as president and the President Muhammadu Buhari has been extremely generous and extremely open in ensuring that I participated in all decisions and in all aspects of governance,

“So in many ways, I have acquired what will be required to serve this nation in the highest capacity and to do so, you know, not just in a perfunctory way but to do so in the most profound manner.”

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