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We Pledge To Protect All Hausas Living In The South-East – IPOB


IPOB, the Indigenous People of Biafra, has pledged to secure the lives and properties of Hausas living in the South-East. this pledge was made in an official statement by the group through its  Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful.

Speaking further, Emma Powerful said the leader of the secessionist  group, Nnamdi Kanu , had preached against harming Hausas and non-indigenes in the region.

The statement reads: “strongly condemn any attack on non-Biafran nationals living in our land.

“Our leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU had predicted what is happening during his numerous prophetic radio broadcasts. During those broadcasts, he had also spoken against attacks on non-indigenes.

“Kanu made a holistic announcement during those days that Hausas are facing the same predicaments Igbo people are facing in Nigeria and should be allowed to do business anywhere they like in Biafraland. Biafrans shall never try to harm any Hausa man or woman in Biafra land for any reason.

“IPOB will ensure the protection of all persons living in Biafra land including non-indigenes. We will continue to protect them against our common enemy – the jihadists and their sponsors.”

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