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WE ALL KILLED OSINACHI - Pastor Chukwunonso


By Pastor Chinedu Chukwunonso.

Did I hear someone say she should have left that toxic marriage when she was being abused? By the way, how could she, when our religious mindset was more toxic to her life and her gospel music career than her husband? I will tell you why she did not go but rather died in silence.

Who does not know that based on a religious mindset, the selling point of the gospel songs was dependent on her "staying in her marriage". You still don't understand. So I ask, how many churches or Christian organizations would have considered her a good guest minister if she was divorced from her husband?

How many persons would have embraced her as a sister in Christ without believing that she could not be submissive to her husband little wonder she was divorced? This is how ironically, we use religion and religious mindset to kill the gifts God has given to us in the church.

Today, many are throwing stones at her husband and yet we fail to see how much the religious mindset in us aided in her death too.

Believe me, there are many more Osinachi in our churches today still caged in marriage to their abusive husbands because of the "God hates divorce" slogan.

I can bet you that only either of two things keeps a woman in an abusive marriage. One is her inability to survive independent of the man abusing her and the second is religion! Of these two, religion is more deadly because even many women that can survive independent of their abusive husbands remain because of religion, and this was the case with our dear sister Osinachi!

Now, preacher, you say God hates divorce and you quote the scripture verse but I ask you does that same God not hate domestic violence and abuse?

When divorce that God hates can become a solution to domestic violence and abuse in marriage which God also hates, does wisdom not teach you to choose a thing God hates that will keep you alive than the one He hates that will kill you? 

It is high time you rise and stop living your life based on the standard religion has set for you!

©Rev. Chinedu Chukwunonso.

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