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Fayose dumps PDP, quits partisan politics


Former Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose, has announced his resignation from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and partisan politics. 

 Fayose made this announcement while speaking in an interview on ARISE TV on Wednesday, March 1.

 Announcing his resignation, Fayose said;

 ‘’From today, I stay off PDP. I say it here from today, I step aside because I must be talking like a leader in this country. I had issued on my Twitter handle even in the month of January or December; I warned the PDP about this problem, if not resolved will consume this party. I told them there is danger ahead. Watch it.

I was invited by His Excellency Atiku Abubakar to a hotel in Lagos. I told him four things, that there were four demands they made of you. One, you are 76 as of last year. The G-5 said, you are already a candidate, you can’t abort a child that has been given birth to.

But let us go back and tell the Southerners that you will spend four years so that it would not look like it will be eight to eight years back-to-back for the North because Buhari is leaving and he is representing the North irrespective of the party.

They told his excellency to make his official announcement, not that he should hand it over to any member of the G-5.

That you are going to spend four years and at that time you will be 80 years. All the people surrounding him disagreed; that they can’t say such, ‘when he becomes President he will say it’. Who does that?”


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