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Ramadan: Prices of foodstuff, soup ingredients increase in Kaduna


Following the commencement of the Ramadan fast, the prices of foodstuffs have increased tremendously in Kaduna.

During the presidential and governorship election, prices of foodstuff and perishable goods had greatly reduced amid the naira redesign debacle, which brought about scarcity of new currency.

However, since the beginning of Ramadan, and with the directive by the Central Bank of Nigeria Governor to all commercial banks in the country to start issuing old notes, the prices of foodstuffs have increased beyond expectations.

Mrs Mary Andrew, who sells in Central Market Kaduna, told DAILYPOST that she could not sell up to N10,000 a week during the new notes scarcity because nobody had cash.

She said now that money was in circulation, she had to increase the price to meet up the period she lost.

Also, Alhaji Ibrahim Yusuf, who sells yam, expressed confidence that the market for his yam is gradually returning to normal because, at least, this period is a bit better than a few weeks ago.

“During Naira scarcity, nobody was coming to buy yam. No money, and I am not ready to give out my yam on credit. So, few people that came with cash, I tried to sell cheap for them because I needed cash. But now, since I have access to my money in the bank and can withdraw, the exact price I want to sell my yam is what I quoted for buyers,” he said.

Mrs Paulina Atabo, who sells millet, corn and other ingredients, said there is a slight price increase because since the election, nobody, no businessman or woman, has travelled to buy from other states and resell because everybody is afraid of what may happen after the election.

According to her, what they are selling now are the stored items before the election, as they are still observing people’s mood towards the election.

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