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‘If he has broken the law, he must pay for it''- Lagos deputy gov, addresses MC Oluomo viral video


The Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Dr. Obafemi Hamzat, has said that the Chairman of the Lagos State Parks Management Committee, Musiliu Akinsanya better known as MC Oluomo will be made to face the law if he is found to have broken any law with the statement he made in the video that went viral a day before the March 18 governorship election in the state.

 MC Oluomo was captured on video cautioning Igbo voters who would not cast their ballots for the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to stay home. In the video, he could be heard saying

“Iya Chukwudi, if you know you no wan vote for us, siddon for your home o”.

Many saw his comment as a call for violence against non-APC supporters particularly the Igbos, during the state governorship election. After he was heavily criticized for his comment, MC Oluomo released a video where he said he was only joking as the said Iya Chukwudi who he claimed was his neighbour he buys things from. 

 On the day of the election, some touts went about the state demanding that people should stay at home if they will not cast their votes for the ruling party. Some voters alleged that they were followed to the polling booth by touts and flogged for not voting for the ruling party.

 In an interview with Channels TV this morning, the Deputy Governor. Hamzat said MC Oluomo must face the law if there is evidence pointing to his culpability.

When asked if he saw reason in the calls for the arrest of the APC supporter, the deputy governor said, 

“I’m not calling for the arrest of anybody. I’m not a police officer. I’m not a prosecutor. People will look at the evidence. In the case of MC Oluomo, he has come out to say that he was actually referring to one woman that is Mama Chinedu or something like that. There’s a video that shows that and that woman said, ‘He was talking to me and we’ve been friends or he’s been my customer for years. [She said] that he was talking to her. So, I don’t know the facts, but people should examine the facts and if in truth he has broken the law, of course, he must pay for it. It’s as simple as ABC.”

 According to him, it is “very unfortunate” that voters were profiled on election day and that people were not allowed to vote because of what they looked like.

“That’s absolute nonsense. If it happened and there are videos, people should be arrested and prosecuted. That’s the bottom line” he said

 Speaking on audio clips of APC executive council members in the state allegedly threatening voters who did not want to vote for the party, Hamzat admitted that some supporters were overzealous.

 “Some people take things overboard, which is terrible. I have friends in Alaba Market. I was at Alaba Market and it was fun. There were Igbo APC members. So, for anybody to go and say, ‘Because you’re Igbo, you won’t vote,’ it’s just ridiculous. So, anybody that does that should be prosecuted. Bottomline. If it’s a crime, then people should pay for it. To assume that because someone is from one ethnic group, he’s going to vote one way is stupid,” he said





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