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Lil Wayne Sued By Chef For Wrongful Termination


Lil Wayne's personal chef has filed a lawsuit against him after being sacked for "ditching" him in Vegas to deal with a pressing family emergency.

 Morghan Medlock in the lawsuit she filed against the rapper claimed that her sack was a wrongful termination and retaliation, in spite of many unlawful practices she was subjected to while working for him. 

Medlock revealed that she travelled to Vegas with the rapper for the Memorial Day weekend, but left to go help her injured son.

 The Chef who disclosed that she has been cooking Lil Wayne's meal for two years, said in the lawsuit that she was notified of a head injury her 10-year-old had sustained that left him hospitalized. 

 She claimed she wanted to get back to Los Angeles immediately, but Wayne and co. were screwing up the flight back by toking up on the aircraft.

 Instead of standing around and waiting for them to get their act together, Medlock says she hightailed it out of there on a separate flight and notified Wayne's assistant of the situation and assumed they'd understand. She was however fired.

Medlock says after she left, Wayne's team kept asking her if she was quitting to which she says she clearly responded, "No." After her son was treated, Medlock said she tried getting back into the swing of things as head chef but got a cold shoulder. 

 TMZ reported that Medlock alleged that somebody on Wayne's team texted her an ungraceful goodbye message and she was later formally told she was being let go with a message from Wayne saying, "tell Chef Morghan this isn't going to work".

 She is alleging that her sack violates California's law which prohibits firing someone because they missed work to care for their sick or injured child,

 Medlock now wants at least $500k from Wayne for the injustice.

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