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Group blasts Buhari over N1.4b for vehicle purchase for Niger Republic

 …calls for Buhari’s impeachment 

Jeff Amechi Agbodo, Onitsha

A coalition of Nigerian Patriots at home and in Diaspora, Dream Nigeria Movement, (DNM) has lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari for the purchase of Toyota Prado SUVs worth N1.4 billion for the Niger Republic as confirmed by the Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed.

The group wondered why President Buhari should be charitable to the neighboring country while university lecturers and students have been at home for the past five months, describing the attitude of the president to insensitive to the plights of Nigerian students and infrastructural decay.

The spokesman of the Dream Nigeria Movement Mr. Timothy Nwachukwu in a statement berated President Buhari for the purchase of the vehicles, describing his action as gross irresponsibility, an affront to the Nigerian Nation, and an impeachable offense.

“The Honourable Minister of finance was quoted to have said that “President Buhari has the right to make his assessment of situations and act on his prerogative as the financial support was based on a request by the Nigerien Government.  “The lecturers are on strike for over five months over the paucity of funds to meet their demand. The President demonstrated his disdain for the educational development of the Nigerian youths by prioritizing the empowerment of his kinsmen in the Niger Republic”.

The group commended Mr. David Hundeyin, An Nigerian-born Canada-based investigative journalist who made the revelation of the purchase of vehicles for the Niger Republic which was hidden from the public domain.

Nwachukwu reiterated its earlier call for the National Assembly members to rescue Nigeria from the clumsy hands of Buhari who is bent on destroying every fabric that is left of our nation.

The group further called on the Nigeria Senators to remove the Senate President to pave way for impeachment proceedings to commence against president Buhari as Sen. President Lawan has become a clog on the wheels of the progress of Nigeria.

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