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Northerners Thought Buhari Would Be Their Gandhi – Sule Katagum


Sule Katagum the former Deputy Governor of Bauchi State has said the Northerners thought President Buhari would be their Mahatma Gandhi. NAIJA NEWS NG reports that he said this while speaking to Punch. Explaining why he dumped the All Progressive Congress for Peoples' Democratic Party, he said the ideals which made him join are no longer valid. His words: “The reason that made us join the APC in 2014 was that the party’s principles entailed things like fairness, justice, and so on. If you look at the motto of the APC, we believed strongly in the APC. In the north, there was no doubt, that Buhari was like a messiah, Buhari was compared to people like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. We thought this was a man who would clean Nigeria and make it what it was supposed to be. “Sadly, the principles, over the years, became more or less like those of the normal Nigerian political party.”

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