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Princess Diana predicted fatal car crash in chilling note


A scene from a new documentary series reveals Princess Diana predicted her death in a car crash two years before her fatal accident.

 The Diana Investigations, a four-part series about the royal's death, includes lengthy details about the "Mischon Note", a note her lawyer, Victor Mishcon, made about her concerns.

Daily Beast obtained a preview of The Diana Investigations and says Mishcon met with Diana in October 1995, along with her personal secretary, Patrick Jephson. During this meeting, Diana told her lawyer she'd been reliably informed efforts would soon be made to "get rid of her" in a car accident.

 The wild revelation will be discussed in detail in the upcoming Discovery+ docuseries, The Diana Investigations. The series takes an in-depth look at the shocking crash, which also took the lives of Diana’s partner, Dodi Al-Fayed and her driver, Henri Paul, and the aftermath.

 Their deaths happened after Henri slammed their Mercedes into a pillar at 65 mph in Paris’ Pont de l’Alma tunnel while trying to escape paparazzi on motorcycles behind them.

Experts in the docuseries allege that Mischon gave the note from his meeting with Diana to the London’s Metropolitan Police commissioner, Sir Paul Condon, at the time of the accident. The public didn’t become aware of the note until after Condon’s successor, John Stevens, took over since Condon allegedly locked it in a safe. “When the coroner announced his inquest, I made sure that letter was immediately given to the royal coroner, who at that time was Michael Burgess and then subsequently became Lord Justice Scott Baker,” Lord Stevens told Daily Beast.


“I saw Lord Mishcon about a month before he died, in about the spring of 2005, and he held course to the fact that he thought [Diana] was paranoid, and he hadn’t held much credence to [the note],” he added.


The note that the highly-anticipated docuseries reveals is actually one of two alleged pieces of writing in which Diana predicted the future crash. The second was a letter allegedly written by her in 1996, after her divorce from Prince Charles, and included similar information. Diana’s butler, Paul Burrell, published it in his book, A Royal Duty, which was published in 2003.

Diana's former butler, Paul Burrell, had previously said he found a letter she allegedly wrote, echoing similar concerns about being killed in an accident.

 "I am sitting here at my desk today in October longing for someone to hug me and encourage me to keep strong and hold my head high," Diana wrote in the letter, which Burrell published in his book A Royal Duty.


"This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous - my husband is planning 'an accident' in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy [Legge-Bourke, Prince Charles' personal assistant at the time]."




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