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Naira Will Soon Regain Value Against Dollar – Paul Enenche

 Paul Enenche the founder of Dunamis International Gospel Center, has released new prophecies on Nigeria and the Naira.  NAIJA NEWS NG reports that the clergy on Wednesday prophesied that the Nigerian passport will soon have value again. He also said that the Naira will regain value against the dollar very soon. Speaking further Pastor Paul Enenche added that a time is coming when terrorists will find it difficult to operate in Nigeria. 

He said, “Nigeria will flourish again, tourism will still flourish in this nation again. The mineral resources we have not seen before will rise out of this earth. A time will come when evil people will find it difficult to survive here not to talk of anchoring power.

“Our currency will be strong again and our passport will have value. “The world will see and be shocked. There is a prophetic word hanging on Nigeria concerning global evangelization that has not been scratched yet.

“This nation will be the burial ground of killers, terrorists’ collaborators, and sponsors.

“Anywhere they came from, this earth will swallow them. We are not speaking just like that. There is a mantle for it.”

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