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Williams Uchemba Sent Back To Driving School For Driving Above Speed Limit In UK

 Nigerian entertainer, Williams Uchemba, has been ordered to an online driving school in the United Kingdom after he was caught overspeeding, IGBERETV reports.

Following his offense which resulted in hours of online driving lessons, the actor shared a video of himself with the caption; “The other day, I did 36MPH on a 30MPH road and speed camera caught it. Now, UK Government said I don’t know how to drive, that I have to go back to online driving school. I have been sitting here since morning.”

One of his followers who reacted to the video asked the actor to be grateful he wasn’t fined alongside the driving lessons.

Another wrote: “He’s lucky. In Germany dem go fine am join and dey will reduce 2 points from his license, next tym na to revoke him license for 2 years…. policies like this is the reason why you don’t have to pray, bind and cast b4 traveling to cancel accident. But in 9ja, trailer driver goes drink 10 bottles b4 entering the wheel…. how people nor go dey die on the road every day??”

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