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I Acted According to Islamic Teachings, We Are Not in A Military Regime – Sacked Abuja Imam says


Sheikh Nuru Khalid has shed more light on his recent ordeals. During an exclusive interview with AIT News, the Muslim Cleric spoke concerning how his sermon regarding the government relates to Islamic tenets.

You may have heard the story of the sacked Chief Imam of the National Assembly Mosque Zone E, Apo Legislative Quarters in Abuja. The Cleric reportedly got sacked over an “anti-government” sermon. Sheikh Nuru Khalid has since shed more light on the issue.

During a recent interview, he said, “My statement on the issue of voting only when Nigeria is secured instigated their actions against me. I spoke concerning the issue of securing the country.”

Addressing the relationship between his sermon and Islamic tenets, he added, “Whoever says my sermon violates Islamic tenets is saying Boko Haram is Islamic. Such a person is telling us that killing people is Islamic. None of these are Islamic. I acted according to Islamic teachings by standing against evil. The Chairman of the Mosque Committee got asked to produce any evidence of 1 of the seven times I got warned to stop criticizing the government, but he did not. I watched the interview. How can someone caution me not to criticize the government? Are we in a military regime? or are we in a democratic regime? We are in a democratic regime, and I reserve the right to caution the government regarding people’s death.”

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