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Dr. Paul Enenche Reveals What He Knows About Osinachi’s Situation Before Her Death


Following the recent death of Osinachi Nwachukwu, Pastor Paul Enenche of the Dunamis Gospel International Gospel Center, Abuja, has finally revealed what he knows about the case.

Recall that Osinachi Nwachukwu, who was a lead singer at Dunamis, reportedly died as a result of domestic violence inflicted on her by her husband.

It was also reported that the church was aware of the situation have persuaded her to stay in the marriage.

According to the pastor, he was not aware of any domestic violence until news came out after her death.

In a video shared on his Facebook page, titled: What I know about the passing of Mrs. Osinachi Nwachukwu, Dr. Paul Enenche said: “Over two and half months ago, she came to see me with her husband with complaints of chest pains, respiratory stress. I prayed for her and prayed again. And when the symptoms did not abate, I counseled that they should go to the hospital to help us to know exactly what we are dealing with, and she asked if I could help them facilitate that process.” I called our head of the medical team, Dr. Sang, who is a consultant pediatrician to the federal medical Centre, Keffi to assist handle the situation.

On seeing her, they ordered some investigation after examination, and that included a CT scan based on what they saw, they recommended further examination which was done at Abuja hospital.

After the further tests, everything seemed better and she said she was responding positively, Pastor Eneche continued

“Then we traveled to Cameroon for a crusade. It was there that I heard about the unfortunate incident of her passing.

“If there was domestic violence that coincided with those symptoms that she came with 2 and half months or three months ago, there’s no way I would have known. And if there were perennial domestic violence, there’s no way I would have known.

“The things we are hearing after her passing were things that were very very strange to me. Then I began to ask questions, first I asked her twin sister was aware that her sister was passing through all these things, she said yes that she some of them but that majority of them, she knew from those her late sister confided in.

“I asked her if you knew, why didn’t you tell us, she said her sister will beg her don’t let the church know, the man will change.

“I asked her first son yesterday, why didn’t you tell me, because typically they will run to me after service and I will pray for them. So I asked why didn’t youl me, he said their father will tell them not to l him anything.

“As a person and as a Church, we have zero degredegreesrance for domestic abuse of any sort. We have a principle and a rule and that is, it’s better to be alive without marriage than to die because of marriage.”

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