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18 Yrs Erhumu Bayagbon Exits As Airtel’s MRM After 18 Yrs

 Erhumu Bayagbon, Airtel Nigeria’s media relations manager, has announced his exit from the telecom outfit after 18 years in the company

His time at the telco showed that Bayagbon had maintained an upward career growth in the company.

He spent 15 years in the communications department, after serving as a customer care consultant and specialist, quality assurance (customer care) within the first three years at Airtel Nigeria.

In 2016, he climbed the hierarchy ladder and became the head of public relations, and just recently assumed office as the assistant director, corporate communications and corporate social responsibility (CSR) sustainability.

Before he became a top manager at the firm, Bayagbon served as the communications manager in 2015. This was after he served as the media relations specialist from July 2008 to October 2009, corporate communications specialist from October 2009 to November 2012, and digital communications and public relations manager from November 2012 to November 2015.

Bayagbon’s role and impact in the company cannot be whitewashed. He was part of the team that rebranded Celtel to Zain. He was the country team lead for the launch of re-imagine education project, a multimillion-dollar project to connect thousands of Nigerian kids to digital learning in collaboration with UNICEF.

He took up the role of public relations and tech team lead for catapult a start-up (an idea by Airtel Nigeria to inspire, empower and bankroll start-up founders).

The media relations expert also partook in Airtel Africa’s listing in the Nigerian stock exchange (NGX) as communications team lead and acted as programme manager for commercial rollout of 4G in Nigeria.

Prior to joining Airtel, Bayagbon spent three years at The Guardian Newspaper as a reporter, features writer, researcher, and pioneer anchor of The Guardian Life.

He is an English Language graduate of Lagos State University, and also a graduate of managerial psychology, University of Lagos.

Bayagbon is also an alumnus of the Lagos Business School (Pan Atlantic University) and has completed professional programmes in globally ranked institutions including the Kellogg Business school.

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