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"What thuggery caused in Surulere" Dutch journalist shares how elections were affected by thug attacks in Surulere


Femke van Zeijl, a Dutch journalist living and working in Nigeria, has shared photos of election results to show how thuggery affected the outcome.

 The author said she has been following the election in Surulere LGA and violent incidents brought on by thug attacks led to the cancellation of 20 polling unit results.

 She went on to share photos showing lists of polling units that were cancelled due to thug activities.

 The reasons the election in these polling units was cancelled were explained on the list.

 “Thugs invasion, went away with ballot boxes,” were given as reasons why majority of the polling unit results were cancelled.

The list shows that other polling units were cancelled for the following reasons: “Disruption”, “official result was not seen”, “result was not tendered”, “invalid ballot paper”, and “disruption and gunshots”.

The cancelled polling units had a total of 12,955 registered voters who didn't get a chance to exercise their franchise.


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