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The West aims to break up Russia - Putin


Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Western countries of attempting to destroy the Russian Federation.

Russia following Putin's orders invaded Ukraine a year ago hopokg to dismantle the Kyiv regime led by Volodimir Zelenskyy but has faced so many battlefield losses since coupled with sanctions from the West.

Russian state news agency RIA Novosti reported that in an interview with Rossiya 1 on Sunday, February 26, Putin said the West has "one goal - to break up the former Soviet Union and its main part - the Russian Federation."

“And then, perhaps, they will accept us in the so-called family of civilized peoples, but only separately, each part separately. For what?” Putin said.

In comments to another channel, Putin said that Russia needs to consider NATO’s nuclear capabilities.

"In today's conditions, when all the leading NATO countries have declared their main goal as inflicting a strategic defeat on us, so that our people suffer as they say, how can we ignore their nuclear capabilities in these conditions?" Putin told Rossiya 1, according to TASS.

Putin has frequently stressed the importance of modernizing Russia's nuclear forces.

The Russian president remarks build on his state of the union speech earlier in the week.

“The US and NATO openly state that their goal is the strategic defeat of Russia,” he said. “And what, after that are we just supposed to let them to travel around our (nuclear) facilities?”

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