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INEC to conduct elections in Anambra despite insecurity

 The Anambra State Resident Electoral Commission, Dr. Queen Agwu, has assured members of the state that elections will be held in all the 5,720 polling units in the 21 local government areas of the state despite insecurity in the state.

Agwu also stated that out of the 2.5 million people registered to vote, only 5,000 people did not pick up their permanent voter cards. 

She stated these on Friday during a press conference, adding that sensitise and non-sensitive materials have arrived in the 21 local government areas except six polling units with zero registration.

She also assured of the commission’s readiness for the conduct of the 2023 general elections in the state, insisting that insecurity is not going to be an issue.

According to her, enough security operatives have been deployed in all the local governments and are poised to action.

She said, “Election will be held in all the local government areas of Anambra State, despite insecurity.

“We have deployed staff in all polling units in the state. We have a lot of security personnel in the state and we are conducting elections in all the polling units in the state.

“We don’t want to disenfranchise anybody in the state. The commission has fully deployed materials in all the 21 local government councils in the state and it is prepared for the peaceful conduct of the elections.

“The Federal Government has deployed enough security men in the system to ensure that the election was peaceful and free, the commission will conduct free and fair elections in the state in line with INEC directive and we urge the people to come out and vote, go home and leave us to announce the result.

She urged Ndi Anambra to come out en mass to vote for the candidate of their choice as every vote in the state will count.

Don’t stay in your house and say your votes will not count, I want to assure you that every vote in the state will count, please come out and vote.

“On the security of corps members and ad hoc staff, the security operatives have made enough security provision for them and there is no need to panic,” she added.

She further noted that the level of insecurity in the state is being over-exaggerated as what the social media are saying is different from reality.

“The so-called flash points areas in the state are false. In those areas, workers are there. The insecurity in Anambra is not as bad as being broadcast on social media.

“People are just heating up the system. We will also conduct an election in Ihiala Local Government Area because people are contesting for positions in the area.

“The accreditation in this election is going to be done within a few minutes because of the use of BVAS and rigging is no more effective because of the technology.

“INEC is prepared to give you what you want. Do not remain in your house and be grumbling.

“Concerning the PVCs that were found in the bush a few days ago, we don’t know who owns the cards, but INEC and security operatives are digging the ground to ensure those who own the PVCs and as soon as the owners are unravelled, Nigerians will be informed,” she added.

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