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Bianca shades Ebele Obiano after losing her Senatorial election

 Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu took to her Facebook page to ‘’shade'' Ebele Obiano, after the former first lady of Anambra state lost her Senatorial election.

Mrs Obiano lost in the Anambra North Senatorial election to Labour Party's Tony Nwoye.

Recall that Mrs Obiano and Bianca were involved in a slapping incident during the swearing-in ceremony of Governor Soludo in April 2022. The animosity between both women appears not to have dissipated.

In an apparent reaction to Obiano's loss at the Senatorial election, Bianca posted a tin of blended tomatoes and wrote;


Anambra North…. Anyi aga Ejezikwa Abuja ooo??? 

Never seek to acquire those things which you actively work devilishly hard to deny others…..maka na agbasia oso, Aguo mile.

Just cooking my jollof rice with special tomato stew with my custom branded tomato paste with extra hot pepper mix (Distributors needed Nationwide) which I will settle down to enjoy with a chilled bottle of four cousins….Come and eat…

Nansense!!!! ife di njo adiro mma…

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