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Southwest Most Successful Ethnic Group In Nigeria, Most Advanced In Politics – Joe Igbokwe


The former Spokesperson of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Lagos State chapter, Joe Igbokwe, took to his social media page and said that he has lived close to 40 years in Lagos and he has confirmed that the Southwest is the most successful Ethnic group in Nigeria.

Joe Igbokwe said that after he finished his primary education in 1971, he traveled to Lagos to do some menial jobs. Then, in 194, he returned to his hometown in Anambra state to continue his secondary and tertiary education and he finished in 1985. Joe Igbokwe, however, said that he is in a better position to speak about the Southwest because he has lived in Lagos for almost 40 years.

According to Joe Igbokwe, he said: “After my primary education in 1917, I came to Lagos to do some menial jobs. In 1974 I returned to Nnewi, In Anambra State to continue my secondary and University education and finished in 1985.

“After my Youth Service in Ogun State, having lived for Lagos for close to 40 years, I think I am in a better position to speak about Southwest. They are the most successful ethnic group in Nigeria, they are the most educated, most tolerated, most accommodating, most civilized, most sophisticated, most advanced in politics, education, and even in religion and culture. Please give it to them”

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