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No one who attacks me or my ministry will go free — Bishop David Oyedepo

 The founder of Living Faith Church (aka Winners Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo, has warned people against attacking his ministry.

“No one has survived an att*ck against me. No one, sir. It’s not only that they fail, but the judgment of God will always come on them,” Oyedepo told his congregation on Sunday.

“As tiny as I am, no att*ck of anyone has gone free.

“Some fellows in our community, while we were in town, gathered together. ‘We will kill this man.’

“One of them said, ‘I will sponsor the cost.’ Meeting finished. Two days after, the first son of the headman, 42-year-old, fell and died.

“I had no idea. I was sleeping in my house and I am so simple to k*ll because I won’t leave office on time. I leave at 1 am. I leave at 2 am. Do you look for that kind of person to kill? He is so free and he is not living in his office. He is living in his house and he will start driving there.

“While they were still crying, two days after, the second one died, 40-year-old. Meeting scattered.

“Every gang up of hell against you and your family via this mantle today shall be scattered with judgment.

“The sponsor used to have a chain of vehicles. When he goes to the airport, chains of vehicles. He was imprisoned. The bank got him imprisoned. He was the one that confessed what happened when one of our members went to the prison for witnessing.

“The third person fled, disappeared into the thin air. We bought his properties, without knowing.

“No uprising against this short man has ever worked. Therefore, from today, every uprising of hell against your life will never work again.

“Don’t you hear those who speak against our ministry and the horrible things that happen to them?

“A kidnapper came here and picked one of our daughters. The daughter was nowhere to be found for two years and three months. You can imagine the horror of the parents.

“This man testified before he died that I saw the bishop holding a sword and pursuing me in the night. That is your prophet.

“We got the child back whole and he said, ‘I know I will die.’

“I said, ‘You will die.

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