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Anambra: Five Decades Since Creation, Ihiala Still Lacks Effective Legislative Instruments --- Nnabuife



The Managing Director of the Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation and Editor-in-chief of the state-owned newspaper (National Light Newspapers ) Mr. Chuka Nnabuife has observed that five decades since the creation of Ihiala local government area, the council area still lacks effective legislative instruments to place it in its rightful position as one of the oldest local government areas in Nigeria. 

Nnabuife who hails from Ubuluisiuzo in Ihiala local government area, told our correspondent in an exclusive interview that there is absolutely no basis to assess legislative impact in the area because Ihiala according to him, is faced with environmental challenges, lacks a civic centre, lacks sports facilities, lacks recreational centres, lacks a befitting market, to mention a few, stressing that the impact of legislative representation both at the state and federal levels have not been felt in Ihiala local government. 

He said the only secondary in his community Ubuluisiuzo was gotten through Governor Willie Obiano's 20 Million Naira Community-Choose-Your-Project Scheme and apart from that no other project has been attracted to Ubuluisiuzo even though it falls within the jurisdiction of Ihiala 2 state constituency. 

He also said that Ihiala currently has no mention anywhere despite its strategic position in Anambra state and the country at large; that the council area has not addressed her infrastructural deficits due to absence of what he described as smart legislative instruments.

According to him, Ihiala is a border town between Anambra, Imo and Delta states and he believes that there are legislative instruments that can help it maximize such advantage but such legislations according to him are non-existent. 

Nnabuife also pointed out that certain federal legislations that should address developmental issues in Ihiala have not been seen even though he stated categorically that plenty of opportunities abound in national assembly to make Ihiala people happy again. 

The renowned journalist and author of many books said there are opportunities to establish the uniqueness of Ihiala again. He said only Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Ihiala and the General Hospital in Okija are two basic infrastructures in the area but wondered how someone from Lilu, Iseke, Osumoghu, Ubuluisiuzo and other remote communities would access these health facilities situated in urban areas. 

Nnabuife said Ihiala local government headquarters is still the way it was created in the 70s; that any legislative representation of Ihiala at the local, state and federal levels must be cognisant of her teething infrastructural needs and how to address them. 

He however reiterated the fact that Ihiala is in dire need of smart legislative representation at all levels of governance and as the jostle for 2023 political aspirations rend the air, it is quite apposite judging from the understanding of the four power blocs in Ihiala that it is the turn of Ebonesie to present  the next federal representative  to represent Ihiala federal constituency at the green chambers.

Nnabuife who said Ebonesie zone is an aggregation of six towns consisting of Osumoghu, Azia, Mbosi, Isseka, Lilu and Ubuluisiuzo; maintained that  Uli has gone to the green chambers for two terms, Ihiala town has gone for two terms. He said Okija has gone for two terms and it is understood that it is the turn of Ebonesie to represent Ihiala at the Federal House of Representatives. 

He said, " In Ebonesie, we have six towns and out of the six towns, four have had their turns respectively. Mbosi have had several times. Isseke have had. Lilu have had and Azia have had also. The only two towns in Ebonesie that have not tested it are Ubuluisiuzo and Osumoghu." 

Mr. Chuka Nnabuife

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