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Lecturer beaten by students for collecting answer scripts 45 minutes into a 3-hour exam


A lecturer at the University of Abuja was allegedly beaten by students of Banking and Finance department for reportedly collecting their answer scripts 45 minutes into a 3-hour examination.



According to report, the examination which was supposed to last for 3 hours was cut short after 45 minutes for no reason, provoking the students to anger.


In a video making the rounds online, the lecturer was seen surrounded by students in black and white uniforms.


Social media users have started reacting to the video; while some supported the actions of the students, others out rightly condemned it.


A user, Zandravirginhair said, “As much as I don’t support them beating the lecturer, some lecturers are so insensitive.”


@Beibyvalentino stated, “These kids pay so much for this school and exams, most of them train themselves in school. They no beat you well sef.”


Another user, @Christmasjid wrote, “Let's not support this action taken by these kids. Last week, a young girl went to school with a gun of this their same generation. Last week I heard a young man too shot a friend (teenager). So what this is telling us now is that going forward we have all failed as parents to train our kids well. This generation is completely out of hand with no moral values. Lecturers did worse in our time but we never resulted to this kind of action.”



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