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Youths Are Very Essential In Politics – Emecheta


By Chinwendu Uzoatu


A public policy analyst and  media adviser, Jude Emecheta has stressed the importance of  youths in politics.


Making this known in an interview, Emechata maintained that the saying "youths are leaders of tomorrow", is true, adding that one plans succession both in the family and socially.


"In the family, father and mother train children to grow for continuity; the same happens in the world. Young ones are nurtured to take over. It is very simple, train and build the young ones." he said.


 He stated that every administration builds an arm of culture by giving them a better culture of what politics is, so that they imbibe the good, bad or ugly, depending on who trained them.


 "I joined politics because I saw a very beautiful politician. Senetor Anny Okonkwo is my mentor in politics. He taught me that people can be civil. Peter Obi too is a prudent politician. You may not like him but I saw him as a person that knows what he is doing. For instance, there was a time he condemned the idea of people lavishing money, buying excessive things during their parents burials, instead of channelling the money to better things. Soludo again has good ideas. You may not like him; he does not want to punish anybody. He wants people to make money. He wants to use the money for production."


 On whether youths are contributing their quoter in the present administration in Anambra State, led by Prof. Charles Soludo, he expressed that they are doing well;that they have the energy to run around.


" Soludo is grooming them in all parts of his administration. They are trained and groomed to be better politicians.


" A lot of youths are his executive members. They are involved early enough;they are contributing their ideas." he said.


He advised youths to always see their leaders as their mentors.

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