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Sanwo-Olu seeks FG’s support for more rail lines in Lagos


Lagos State Governor Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu has urged the Federal Government to support its efforts towards the construction of more rail lines, saying the Red line will be completed before the end of the year.

The governor who stated this shortly after inspecting the Red Line Rail project from Agbado to Ebute Metta Station, read the riot act to street traders in the state, saying the government has zero tolerance for illegal trading on the rail tracks.


He said, “The journey started all the way at Agbado station inside Ogun State, from there we proceed to Iju Station, from there to Agege station and Ikeja Station,we skipped Mushin Station because of time and logistics and we stopped at Yaba Station and we are in between Ebute Metta station NRC and our own which is just down the road.

“In all we have seen the Station furniture l, we have seen the state of platforms and we have noticed thar there are some works to do especially around cleaning up all of the illegal activities that have been conducted on the rail track which shouldn’t be and some final approach around pedestrian bridge that we need to clean up and finish and general clean up of all the stations.

“”In all, I think am very impressed with the level of works of all the contractors working on our Red line rail corridor, we believe we are still on track to see how we can finish before the end of this year and that’s what we are committed to, real work tirelessly round the clock to see how that will happen, especially when if we can be very hard on enforcement, enforcement to ensure that we can prevent intruders from on a rail corridor, that the most important information that we want to take away today.


“We have told some people that are working and selling on the rail corridor that there will be zero tolerance, we have given notices, we have appealed to them and we need to clean up all the entire rail corridors so that it can be free for rail passengers movement when the rail start.”


Governor Sanwo-Olu who hinted on plans to embark on Green and Purple Rail line as embedded in the states masterplan said some vehicular bridges built by the government to ease traffic gridlock on rail corridor had been completed.

He said, “The bridge at Ikeja Along is completed, Yaba is completed and the one at Ebute Metta is also completed.


“What we will be doing before we launch the areas is to give vehicular relief to the citizens and the first bridge that we will be opening is Yaba bridge which we will do in the month of October we will do that so passengers can do use the bridge, we will go Ikeja Along two weeks after and Ebute Metta at a later date.

“We are still expecting one or two bridges that we still be built between us the NRC which we are sharing the rail corridor with we both have responsibility, to build vehicular bridges so that it doesn’t impact the rails that we are moving.”

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