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Reflect your roles in nation building – Catholic lawyers tell judiciary, others


President, NACL Lagos Archdiocese Ms Florence Atuluku (middle), flanked by other Legal Luminaries, during the 2023 Annual Legal Year Mass held at Holy Cross Cathedral, Lagos

  • Urges upcoming lawyers not to tow the wrong path

By Henry Uche, Lagos

The President, National Association of Catholic Lawyers, Lagos Archdiocese,
(NACL-Lagos) MrsFlorence Atuluku, has charged the judiciary and Nigerians at large to pause and take a deep reflection of their roles in the making of desired Nigeria, as the last hope of the common man.

The learned luminary who made this charge yesterday in Lagos in the wake of 2023 New Legal year, equally charged upcoming lawyers who seems to be fretful across the country not to follow the wrong path, rather be ready to tow the right path of fairness, equity and justice at all times matter whose ox is gored

“The legal profession stands at a crossroads of moral and all forms of decadence. It’s time for everyone to reflect our roles and make a difference. As for catholic lawyers, we want to leverage our faith as Christians to be instruments of positive change and impact through the dispensation of justice irrespective of religion or creed.


“We have lost it as a country. What we see happening in the legal profession today is a reflection of everything that have gone wrong in our society. So everyone must take ownership of our respective roles. We must work hard to restore confidence of the people in the judiciary.


Addressing the younger generation, Atuluku maintained that the old wigs understand the agitations, confusion, and fears of the upcoming lawyers, and to avoid judicial rascality and damage in the future, they at the upper echelon of the legal profession have put in place a mentoring platform consciously designed to guide the younger ones on the right path to go as they come into the profession.

“We understand the agitations of the masses, even some of us in the profession are not happy with the way and manner things are going, but then the judiciary are doing their work, relying on what the constitution says; thus, we remain optimistic,” she affirmed.


Delivering a sermon on the Legal Year Mass at Holy Cross Cathedral, Lagos, the Presiding Archbishop of the Metropolitan See oaf Lagos, his Grace Most Rev (Dr) Alfred Adewale Martins, charged Catholic Lawyers not to be daunted by the recent developments happening in the country following the 2023 general elections.


The clergy equally admonished Nigerians to look up to the Almighty for vengeance having done their bids for the deliverance of Nigeria from the hands of economic and political plunderers. “We thank God in all things. We understand each other’s pains, but we can only let God fight for us, having performed our civic responsibilities, time will tell” he assured.

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