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World Clean-Up Day: Summit on Plastic Waste in Anambra

AMID rising global concern for the menace plastic wastes have become in human environment a body, Anambra State Waste Recyclers Association and the Ministry of Environment, Anambra State will host an event on the matter in Awka on Saturday, September 16.

The event,  holding under the title, 'Plastic Waste Sustainability Summit' will feature discourses and interactions between expert and stakeholders on the theme.

The difficulty in managing plastic wastes have become one of the most challenging environmental issues in contemporary society. Anambra State government has placed high premium on clean  streets, healthy disposal of domestic and industrial waste with a goal of achieving general environmental sanity in her mission to make the state livable and hospitable.

The Ministry of Environment's collaboration with the recyclers is a push towards the state's mission.

The summit holding in Hilton Leisure Hotel, near Regina Ceali Junction, Awka is also in commemoration of the World Clean-Up Day.

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