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I don’t need a man to be satisfied in bed –Amara Maduka, actress

 …Says she’s not interested in marriage or having babies 

By Rita Okoye

After taking an unannounced break from Nollywood, popular actress, Amara Maduka is now back on set.

According to the role interpreter, she just completed a job and preparing for another. “It’s back-to-back going forward,” she said.

In this interview, Maduka opened up on issues relating to her career, love life, sex, heartbreaks and future plans. Here are excerpts:

It has been a while, how have you been?

I’m alright. Yeah, I took some well-needed break from the whole thing. But I’m back to business now.

What led to the break? Someone broke your heart?

Hahaha… I genuinely don’t believe in heartbreaks. I believe in ‘good riddance’. So, with my mindset, nobody can successfully hurt my feelings.

So, you have never experienced heartbreak?

I have never been heartbroken. A guy has never left me; I do the leaving. It’s mostly because I haven’t dated anyone for real. Men love to assume.

A lot is happening on social media, snatching of husband here and there. Can you date or marry your friend’s ex?

No. I don’t eat remnants.

What kind of men can you date for real?

I’m extremely picky and I say this with all humility. I have a type and I can’t settle for less, even if I tried. It’s not about the basic things for me, and most people are just that basic. It’s so much more than sex and money for me to be that interested in a man, because I can give myself orgasm and I can make money on my own. So, a man has to be so much more to impress me.

Don’t you want to get married?

At this point, I’m not interested (in marriage). But I will see if anything changes in future.

How about having a baby first?

Not all of us are here to marry and make babies, and that’s okay. I’m not interested in marriage or having babies. I think of it this way, if we are all having kids, who will help raise the ones in the streets? People don’t even adopt anymore. Everyone just wants to have kids, but getting pregnant and having a baby doesn’t make you a good mother.

And there is no pressure from home…?

Not a single pressure. Home has a different mindset, and I’m so blessed to come from the family I come from.

Really? Your parents understood your reasons for not wanting marriage or children. You mean they don’t want grandkids?

We were raised to have our own mindset. And that’s the best thing you can do for a child, in my opinion. Well, they already have (grandchildren) from my siblings. I’m a proud aunty. I don’t characterise myself as stubborn. I know I have a strong will and my own mind, but I’m not stubborn. Stubborn people are dumb, in my opinion. They hold onto that ‘I am stubborn’ mentality and even when they are making the obviously wrong choice, they won’t heed any advice as opposed to people like me. If you lay the cards on the table and convince me that you’re making sense, I don’t argue or hesitate to change my mind on the issue. I think that’s the difference between being stubborn and having a strong will. I went to a boarding school so I didn’t really spend much time being at home to bond but the little times in-between holidays and visiting days were very dear to me.

Do you believe in love?

I do. I believe in love. I also believe you can’t love anyone else genuinely unless you have that love for yourself first. And that’s where people get their life fucked up; looking for people to love them and complete them. But nobody can complete you but yourself.

So, when making love to a guy, you don’t have love at the back of your mind?

(Laughter) There’s a difference between making love and having sex.

Are you saying you’ve never made love?

I have made love. I have had sex. Making love is better.

Yet you prefer having self-satisfaction with sex toys?

That’s because I love my independence. Making love for me doesn’t happen often, because it’s rare to meet a man who stimulates me mentally and the chemistry and everything is on point. It doesn’t happen often. Most men don’t even know what it means to stimulate a woman mentally. ‘Dem just wan lift skirt, shuk their thing inside.’

What’s your take on your colleagues washing their dirty linens in public?

I understand them. People deal with things differently. Some people love to explain themselves to the world and that’s okay. Some live for the validation, which is good for them too. Whatever works for a person… Who really cares though? Not me.

Any plans to get back into movies?

I’m back already. I just finished a job with the high priest, Amayo Uzo Phillips and preparing for another one. It’s back-to-back going forward.

How about shooting your own movies?

That’s speedily on the way too.

What kind of role will Amara reject?

I will reject anything flat and not challenging.

Are there still actors you look forward to working with?

Not anyone in particular. I look forward to working with everyone. I look forward to meeting with Destiny Etiko. Not necessarily for work, but just to hug her for being a sweet person. I observe and love people from a distance.

It seems all kinds of movies now make it to the cinemas, what’s your take on that?

I think the cinema is somewhat compromised. I might be wrong, but if that were not the case; some movies wouldn’t be in the cinemas.

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