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Popular Tiktoker Used For Rituals By Boyfriend Dies

 A TikTok sensation simply identified as Mimi has d#ed under strange circumstances.

According to multiple sources, she d#ed on Monday, July 18. The sources report that Mimi suddenly fell ill and was rushed to the hospital. “Mimi’s de@th is a huge shock to us as she recently fell ill and was expected to recuperate in a few days.

She was rushed to the hospital by her boyfriend and we got hold of information

about his plan to use her for money r#tuals. So, we launched an SOS on WhatsApp for people to help but before they could get to the hospital, Mimi passed on.

At the hospital, Mimi’s boyfriend was nowhere to be found and they had to take her corpse to her village. However, we don’t even know the name of Mimi’s boyfriend as she kept him a secret almost every time we asked her about him,” a source alleged.

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