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Tinubu Introduced Us To A Bad Leader In 2015 & He Is Still Expecting Us To Vote Him In 2023 – Pastor Sam

 Pastor Sam Aiyedogbon had an interactive section with Arise News where he poured out his grievance over the Muslim-Muslim ticket the APC decided to use for the upcoming presidential election. Pastor Sam said that the action of the APC has proven that they don’t regard Christians as anything in Nigeria. He also reminded Nigerians that Tinubu was the one that introduced them to the bad leader we have in Nigeria today.

He said Tinubu introduced a bad leader to us in 2015 and he’s expecting us to vote for him to become a leader in 2023. Does he think we are stupid or senseless? Pastor Sam was very angry at the Muslim-Muslim ticket decision and said he is not buying that idea and also can’t support it.

He as a pastor won’t even support a Christian-Christian ticket in Nigeria to show justice, equity, and fairness. The action of APC shows that the Christians in Nigeria are irrelevant and not important to them pastor Sam said.

He said Muslims have been in power all this while and both Muslims and Christians are dying every day from attacks by terrorists. The APC is supposed to be begging Nigerians for misruling them, not adding salt to our injuries

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