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IN 2015, PDP Used 16 Is Greater Than 19 To Lose 5 Gov's & Lost The Election – Aisha Yesufu


A few hours ago, a popular Nigerian female activist, Aisha Yesufu, took to her social media page and revealed the reason why there is uncertainty in Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Aisha Yesufu said that the Peoples Democratic Party is the architect of its problem as she noted that the PDP members miscalculated their political game in 2015 which made the party to lost the presidential election and 5 PDP Governors defected to other political parties. Aisha Yesufu, however, alleged that in 2019, PDP members were busy insulting Nigerians for not them into power as she affirmed that PDP lost the 2019 election because a lot of them stayed away from the voting centers.

According to Aisha Yesufu, she said: “PDP is the architect of its own problem. In 2015 they used 16 is greater than 19 to lose 5 Governors and they lost the election. In 2019 they were busy insulting people for not voting for them in 2015. Many stayed away from their polls and they lost”.

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