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Kizz Daniel Gains Global Prominence With Hit Song, Buga


Nigerian singer-songwriter Kizz Daniel’s latest scintillating hit song and club banger, Buga, has been serenading the souls of music lovers globally.

Since the release of the hit song, social media has been awash with creative skits on Tik Toks, jigs and twists to the rhythm.

This, according to music enthusiasts, is a song like never before, as it has made the top chart in every music show across the world.

Buga, which has become the lead song on Apple Music’s top 100 in Nigeria, will be performed in Birmingham.

He said”It’s a great feeling. When you put out a masterpiece and the rest of the world accepts it as one, that’s a satisfying feeling right there. And such encourages you to do more.

This is as Kizz Daniel has rolled up his sleeves to storm the city of Birmingham to seamlessly spin and thrill music aficionados and fans. It’s currently the top 1 among top 100 on Apple in Kenya.

Kizz Daniel’s song Buga is revealed as the world’s top five Afrobeat 

Buga didn’t just blow the music scene away with soft serenity, it also designed a dance step that spurs confidence in listeners into holding their heads up positively.

More so, Buga is described as a beautiful song that lifts the spirit and massages the soul effortlessly.

Buga is a Nigerian parlance. It means “Show off”, “stunt on them”. So in this context, it means after you’ve put in the work, let your results speak loudly. Enjoy your success. Whatever you’re seeing out there, whatever results the song is generating, that’s the result of hardwork and I’ve consistently put in my best in all my songs. Nothing good comes easy.”

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