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Northern Muslims Knock Peter Obi Branded Praying Mats


Muslims in the Northern part of Nigeria has knocked the viral Peter Obi-branded praying mats. 

Northern Muslims feel the promotional material is against Islam. They argue that you don't put an image on the praying mat.

Read their words below :

Fahdiga: “I can bet my left-sided buttock in addition to my scrotum that it wasn’t Obi’s Supporters that donated that mat to Muslims. Tinubu’s urchins more especially his MC Oluomo faction of NURTW thugs are the ones who are hell-bent on smearing Peter Obi by any means possible. I urge the police to wade in on this matter and arrest the culprits. Peter Obi is loved by millions of Nigerians and no amount of propaganda by Yekini Amanda Ogunlere’s supporters can stop him from winning the election next year.”

Fira09: “This coming Election is not a matter of involving in your cycle or not………it’s all about what the presidential candidates are capable of.”

Oyebanji44: “Obi’s supporters have made themselves open to mockery and ridicule towards these northerners… grin grin”

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