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I Thought Tinubu Was “Codedly” Holding A Place For Osinbajo Until I Saw Him Ranting -Aisha Yesufu


A popular Nigerian female activist, Aisha Yesufu, took to her social media page and berated Bola Ahmed Tinubu as she says, “I thought Tinubu was “codedly” holding a place for Osinbajo until I saw him ranting”.

Recently, Aisha Yesufu was on her verified Twitter page, where she made it known to the public that she thought Tinubu was secretly holding a place for Yemi Osinbajo not until she saw that he (Tinubu) was ranting. She, however, said that the Nigerian politicians are not rating their citizens well as she noted that the politicians think it’s only their political party members that can make them win an election.

According to Aisha Yesufu, she said: “I thought Tinubu was codedly holding a place for Osinbajo until I saw him ranting. These people do not rate us at all, they just feel their party members are all that it takes for them to waltz into the villa. The see finish is too much”.

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