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I Will Rather Be A Refugee Or Die In Ukraine Than Return to Nigeria- Nnamdi Okafor

 A Nigerian based in Ukraine, Nnamdi Okafor has declared his preference for becoming a refugee rather than returning to Nigeria.

He said this in an interview with TheNiche Newspapers on Friday.

Asked why he wasn’t taking advantage of the Federal Government’s evacuation flights to return home, he said, “What am I coming back to Nigeria to do? Has anything changed in our country?”

The 32-year-old Anambra indigene added, “For now, I am still in Ukraine. I used to live in the capital city, Kyiv, but I have moved to one of the border towns which is relatively safe presently.

“But if the war reaches there, I will escape to another country by the grace of God. But if death becomes my destiny, so be it. I would rather be here as a refugee than return to Nigeria.”

Ukraine has become a battlefield following the invasion of the country by Russia more than a week ago.

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