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2023: Tinubu, too old to contest for president – Pete Edochie

 Pete Edochie, the Nollywood veteran actor has said his mind about the upcoming 2023 presidential election in Nigeria. Pete Edochie said that the young ones should be given chance to lead the country, he also added that Bola Tinubu is very old to contest the 2023 presidential election in Nigeria.

During the interview, he was asked what he thinks about who the next president of the country should be. He said that Nigeria should give an Igbo man a chance to rule the country and see what will become of the country, we should test what an Igbo man could do as the president of Nigeria. If he falls, we fall with him, if he progresses, we do the same with him.

He said some of the old politicians in Nigeria are not healthy and this is what Nigerians should consider before selecting any of them as the president of the country. It’s not nice to have a president who will always be battling health issues while in office.

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