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Who is Meena Yakubu Prittican

 Meet hot, sexy,  Nollywood Actress “Prittican Meena Yakubu”

 The Paulthegudguy, crew somehow stumbled on one of the fast-rising Actresses in Lagos Nigeria, and quickly seized the opportunity to have an exclusive interview.

Tell Nigerians about you in brief?

Prittican:  Yes, My name is Prittican Meena Yakubu, from Kogi state, Uwgalawo of L.G.A. Born In Lagos, to a family of eight and I am the second child in the family. Am an Actress, presenter, and comic M.c.

So you were born in Lagos? Tell us about your educational background?

Prittican: Yes, my brother I also schooled in Lagos, My primary school was Olumole primary school Oluti, and my Secondary school was Amuwo Grammar school Agboju in Lagos state also, Then PEFTI film institute Lagos.


Can you tell Nigerians what growing up was like?

Prittican: *laughing* why not, growing up was fun and challenging also. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon but my family was okay and they gave me the best. Well, I can just say that growing up wasn’t that bad because Lagos is always a better place to grow up, quote me on that. *Laughs*

We know you have featured in some movies, can you list them?

Prittican: I have indeed featured in so many movies, most of them I can’t even remember but I’ll tell you a few that I remember. I was featured in movies like Hostel Palava, Evil Household, Harvest of Hatred, House 15, Federal Girls College, Curse of Seven Sea, Maja Mountain, Festival of Power, Cesar The Great, and many more, that’s all I can remember for now.

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