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Landlord sets tenant’s pharmacy ablaze in Lagos


A pharmacist has suffered a great loss after her landlord identified as Okechukwu John Nwaimo, allegedly b#rnt her shop in Lekki Scheme 2 Estate, Lagos.

According to sources, the tragic incident happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning. It is reported that the suspect who is now on the run, had accosted his tenant and falsely accused her of entering his compound.

“He came earlier that day to accuse the victim of entering his compound claiming she could po! son him. She refuted his allegations but before this incident, he had written a petition against her claiming she PO! soned his cup, spoons, and pillow.

He approached the police for them to throw her out but they requested that he refunds the N6m rent —for 2 years— she paid. The victim has only spent 3 months using his space and he has made life unbearable for her.

Fast forward to Monday, February 1, when he accused her of entering his compound, she told him she wasn’t a security officer and didn’t know anything about his claims. She wrote a petition against him only for her to receive a call around 1 a.m that her pharmacy was on f! re. Neighbors speculated he must have broken into her shop to commit the act as the window protector was bent upon inspection.

She called the fire service but unfortunately, the entire shop and her goods had been razed down before they arrived. The police from the Negombo division were invited but Okechukwu was nowhere to be found. The police informed her that 2 years ago, he had accused a tenant of PO! zoning his water,” a source said.

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