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Abba Kyari Should Not Refuse To Eat In Prison Because Nigerian Cells Have No Pity For Hunger Strike- Shehu Sani

 Shehu Sani, a former Senator from Kaduna central was on his Twitter account to advise Abba Kyari on what to do instead of refusing the food they served him in prison.

It was reported that Abba Kyari has refused to eat the food they served him in prison because he wants to be alive to declare his innocence over the allegations leveled against him.

It was also reported that nobody is allowed to see Abba Kyari for now. NDLEA spokesperson, Femi Babafemi revealed that the detained officers are not starved and their family members are allowed to bring food to them based on special requests.

After Shehu Sani came across this news he took to his Twitter account to advise Abba Kyari, Shehu Sani said that Abba Kyari should not refuse to eat, he said he should just eat because Nigerian cells have no sympathy for the hunger strike. Shehu Sani said whenever he finds himself in the cell he eats whatever they serve him but after eating he can just pretend that he did not eat anything.

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