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Army, Police, Ebube-agu are ‘unknown gunmen’ – IPOB alleges

 The proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has accused personnel of the Nigerian Army, the Police, and South-East security outfit, Ebube-Agu, of “operating” the notorious “unknown gunmen” in the South-East region.

IPOB spokesman, Emma Powerful accused in a statement, adding that the “unknown gunmen” have sacked no fewer than 11 villages and killed youths in Imo State and another part of the region.

Powerful listed the communities affected to include Oboh Umutanze, Attah, Okporo, Amaifeke, Chioma, Ama-azu, Amannachi, Nnempi, Akata, Orsuihiteukwa, and Umutanze.

They urged the international community and rights groups to send teams to the said villages for confirmation.

IPOB called “on the United Nations, America, British High Commissioner, Israeli Ambassador, German Ambassador, French Ambassador, Canadian Ambassador, Japanese Ambassador, Australian Ambassador, Amnesty International, Intersociety groups, Human Rights Watch and all human rights organizations across the globe to send teams to these communities and find out what the situation is.

“They will confirm to their amazement that nobody is dwelling in these communities.

“Imo youths and people have been indiscriminately and mercilessly killed by terrorist-soldiers deployed in Imo State by the federal government in collaboration with the state government.

“The incessant killing of youths of these communities has turned the affected communities into ghost towns.

“IPOB is out now to expose these atrocities committed by the Nigerian Army and police, including Ebubeagu security outfit.

“It’s too appalling that Ebubeagu security outfit would join hands in killing our people and call them ‘unknown gunmen’. History will judge them all.”

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