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I Thought Buhari Will Bring Change In 2015 But Left APC When It Became Clear No Change Will Happen – Saraki


Former Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki has opened up on why and how he supported Muhammadu Buhari (then as the APC candidate) to emerge President of Nigeria.

The former Senate President said he believed the change agenda been championed by Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC) then.

However, he added that it soon became obvious that President Buhari had no meaningful change to offer Nigerians and hence the need to cut ties with him and his party.

Saraki made the disclosure on Saturday during a Twitter space discussion with Rinu of the #End SARS protest.

The former Kwara Governor said he like many others had high hopes of the Buhari administration but ended up getting disappointed.

“My view in 2015, honestly, was that there was an issue of security and the level of corruption at that time and the issue of integrity, ability to lead the country with honesty and good intentions; a lot of us felt that there was going to be a change,” he said.

“There was nothing personally one was gaining out of it. It wasn’t that one was doing it out of any personal gain at all.

“You could see that when I realized that what we hoped to achieve and deliver for Nigerians was not happening, we parted ways.

“I think that that was an acceptance for me to say that this was not what we bargained for. That is the truth, I am speaking from the heart about what happened.

“We had great hopes and intentions. It did not happen. I, unlike others, said ‘look this is not what I promised Nigerians, and I can’t continue, and we parted ways, and that is the truth about that.”

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