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Hope Buhari Will Not Leave Office Without Ensuring EFCC Arrest The Person That Stole 7 Cars – Aisha Yesufu


Aisha Yesufu, a popular human rights activist was on her Twitter account this afternoon to react to an allegation made against her husband some years back.

Some years back Aisha Yesufu’s husband was accused of stealing from the government when he wanted to retire from active service. The allegation said that her husband stole 7 cars while leaving the civil service. After that allegation circulated on Twitter, Aisha Yesufu decided to react to the allegations saying that the man people are calling her husband is not her husband she also shared the picture of her husband and the alleged thief to prove to people that the person accused of stealing is not her husband.

This afternoon Aisha Yesufu remembered the accusation leveled against her husband, she then reacted to it by saying that she hopes president Buhari will not leave office without making sure that EFCC arrest and prosecute the person that stole 7 cars while leaving civil service.

Read what Aisha Yesufu said about the person that allegedly stole 7 cars below.

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