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Solution Innovation District (SID) Inspires Anambra with a Thriving Tech Meetup


In a remarkable display of commitment to building the ecosystem, Solution Innovation District (SID) on Friday, hosted the first SID Tech meetup in Awka, Anambra, Nigeria.

This event brought together tech enthusiasts, academia, industry leaders, government representatives, media and local authorities to discuss the importance of technology and its potential to transform the State and impact the region. 

With the aim to promote tech entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, education, and networking, the meetup left a lasting impact on the attendees. Here's a closer look at the event and its key takeaways.

Anambra Embraces Tech:

The tech meetup at SID showcased Anambra's growing interest in the tech industry, emphasizing the need for the state's residents to embrace technology and become active innovation drivers. Attendees expressed their appreciation  to Governor Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo's vision and commitment towards building a digital ecosystem in Anambra. 

His efforts are paving the way for the creation of a technology and innovation ecosystem that will become the Silicon Valley of Africa.

Key Insights from Tech Leaders:

Prominent digital experts and innovators graced the event and shared their insights and experiences. Mrs. Happiness Akabuike, a Google Developer Co-lead and Women in Tech Anambra member, highlighted the and to intentionally pull women and young girls into technology in the State. She encouraged Anambra's millionaires to invest in technology and collaborate with SID to foster tech-driven growth in the region.

Zikora Chukwuka, Founder of Anambra Techies and CEO of Vessel Labs, stressed the importance of connecting talents to job opportunities for after they've received tech training. His message emphasized the need to also create employment opportunities in the tech sector.

Dr. Ngozi Osuchukwu, President of Anambra Wikimedia Network, highlighted the need for the startups and businesses and individuals in the state to be intentional about media. She eemphasised the importance to business growth and pushing the right publicity for the brands emerging out of the State. She also invited the wealthy individuals and corporates to participate in tech programs and contribute to the digital transformation of Anambra.


Government Support:


Mr. Anajemba Ike Peter, SSA to the Governor on Innovation and Business Incubation, urged all tech members in Anambra to collaborate with SID for the advancement of the tech ecosystem. This collaborative approach is essential for achieving progress in the State's tech industry, fostering innovation and creating job opportunities.

Closing Remarks:

Miss Chinwe Okoli, Special Adviser to the Governor on Innovation and Business Incubation, commended the speakers and organizers for their valuable contributions to the event. She highlighted the vision of Mr Governor for the State’s innovation ecosystem. She called for collaboration amongst the ecosystem builders in the state to join hands with the government to build the Silicon Valley of Africa right in Anambra. She stressed the impact on youth employment and impact on the economy.

The tech meetup organized by Solution Innovation District in Anambra was a resounding success, underscoring the importance of embracing technology for the region's development. With support from the government, influential tech leaders, and dedicated individuals, Anambra is on the path to becoming a thriving hub for digital talents, startups and technological innovations. SID's efforts to promote innovation, education, and networking is setting the stage for a bright digital future in Anambra, where the youth are empowered to drive the state’s technological advancement.

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  1. Good activity by the SID management. Anambra State Government is really championing Tech initiatives for her citizens. It is a good development.


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