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Senate to boost speedy development of South East


From David Onwuchekwa, Nnewi

Positive reactions with commendations have trailed the South-East Development Commission (Establishment) Bill, 2023 (SB.129) which a member representing Anambra South Senatorial District, Dr Ifeanyi Ubah sponsored in the Senate as the Bill has passed the First Reading.

In a statement, Senator Ubah said that the earlier version of the Bill was denied presidential assent by the past administration which he said motivated him to introduce a fresh version of it with provisions that would convince the Senate and the President to support it and sign it into law.

He disclosed that this fresh version of the Bill was aimed at establishing a Commission that would focus on the development of the South-East region of Nigeria.

He noted that the region has been historically marginalized and has faced various challenges in terms of infrastructure, healthcare, and economic development.


“The South-East Development Commission (SEDC) when established, will also be responsible for coordinating and implementing development projects and programmes in the region. It will also work closely with State governments, local communities, and other relevant stakeholders to identify the needs and priorities of our region and develop strategies to address them.

“The Commission will also have the power to receive and manage funds from the federal government, international donors, and other sources for the purpose of implementing development projects. It will also have the authority to enter into partnerships and collaborations with other organizations and institutions to leverage resources and expertise.

“Furthermore, the SEDC will be tasked with promoting and facilitating investments in the South-East region and work to attract both local and foreign investors by creating a conducive business environment, providing incentives, and offering support services.

“Additionally, it will prioritize the development of critical infrastructure such as roads, bridges and water resources, and will also focus on improving access to quality education and healthcare services, as well as promoting agriculture and other economic sectors in the region.

“The establishment of the South-East Development Commission is a significant step towards addressing the developmental challenges faced by the South-East region of our great nation. It will provide a platform for coordinated and targeted interventions that will contribute to the overall socio-economic development of the region.


“I am confident that this Bill will receive the necessary support from my colleagues and receive presidential assent. I have relayed the details of the Bill to them and I am very hopeful that they will support it,” Senator Ubah concluded.

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