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Nwadiogbu Presents 'Fragments of Reality'bin London

By Chuka Nnabuife 

NIGERIAN artist, Ken Nwadiogbu, kicked off a show of his latest artworks in London, United Kingdom (UK) over the weekend.

Entitled, 'Fragments of Reality,' the art exhibition opened 3pm on Saturday, October 7, in Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery.


The art gallery, introduced the 'Fragments of Reality,' collection of paintings as "a visual exploration of memories captured by Ken Nwadiogbu in London which align with the experiences and challenges faced by black immigrants in the UK."

Explaining the Anambra-born artist's studio output further, the art house stated thusly: "Sometimes staged, sometimes serendipitous the composition of each canvas is created through skilful inclusion and omission, orchestrating a visual narrative that unravels the essence of what is crucial within the image. 

"Exploring what holds value, Ken is simultaneously commenting on the choices we make about where we want to go in life and whom we want to experience it with. This exploration delves into how history is preserved and documented, while examining the individuals who author and shape the information we consume today.

"In some sense, this body of work delves into the intricate fabric of memory and its ephemeral nature."

Throwing more light into his creative process, the artist adds: "Memories, we find, are not faithfully preserved in their entirety, but rather exist as fragments, lingering remnants of experiences that continue to shape our reality."

Nwadiogbu migrated to London in 2022, for further studies at the Royal College of Art. Curator of his show, unveils that "the decision" (migration and study) "has greatly influenced not just his approach to making art, but also his wider sense of self and the ways in which he relates to and understands the world." 

In the displayed body of works, drawn from photographs "taken in the UK, of his friends, family and other members of the Black immigrant community", Nwadiogbu explores the visual tendencies of warm, sometimes spot colours, such as a variety of reds, yellows, oranges, burnt Siena and hot umber browns to communicate in a style that blends impressionism and expressive portraiture.

 Rather than simply recreating the photographic image, he sequesters sections of the paintings in a manner that tends to lead the viewer to specific areas of  focus which he details or highlights with conspicuous contrast of colour thus leaving a picture with lingering memory on the beholder.


'Fragments of Reality', curated by Dolly Kola Balogun, remains open to the public at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, 2 Melior Place, London Bridge SE1 3SZ until November 25.

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